Tube 2016 in Düsseldorf

Foto: STAROFIT / Christian Benedikt, Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Thanks a lot for your visit at our booth! It was an interesting fair with many informative discussions - we are looking forward seeing you in 2018.

Four employees promoted

Today Tim Gronewold, Stefan Reiners, Michael Rüdebusch and Claudia Renz celebrate their promotion.
The Managing Directors Rüdiger Klose and Jürgen Schulze confer power of attorney to them and are pround of their commitment in the last years.
All of them are with STAROFIT since their apprenticeships.


"Stainless Steel World” in Maastricht / NL

Thank you very much for visiting us at our booth!


Nicole Schwane (logistics / dispatch department) celebrates her 20th anniversary today.

Congratulations on behalf of the management and whole STAROFIT Team.

Stock upgrade: Fittings in WP321/321H

Fittings in WP321/321H

STAROFIT keeps more than 50,000 dimensions in over 100 different material grades on stock. We are continuously looking for new opportunities to expand our stock programme to ensure short delivery times in order to provide our customers with an additional advantage.

Consequently, we enlarged our holdings of elbows, tees, reducers, and caps in material grade A/SA403 WP321/321H to a comprehensive stock with common dimensions as well as exotic dimensions.

Please find some examples below:

  • Elbow ASME B16.9, SR, 90°, A403 WP321/321H
    4“ S160
    8“ S100
  • Elbow ASME B16.9, LR, 180°, A403 WP321/321H
    3“ S40S
  • Elbow ASME B16.9, LR, 90°, A403 WP321/321H
    6“ XXS
  • Conc. red. ASME B16.9, A403 WP321/321H
    12“ S40S / 6“ S40S
  • Tee ASME B16.9, A403 WP321/321H
    12“ S40S / 8“ S40S
  • Ecc. Red.. ASME B16.9, A403 WP321/321H
    8“ S40S / 4“ S40S
    12“ S40S / 6“ S40S
  • Cap ASME B16.9, A403 WP321/321H
    12“ S40S

A more detailed overview about our stock in material grade WP321/H can be found here.

As a family-owned company, sustainability is at the core of our company policy.