25 years at STAROFIT

Ursel Evers celebrate her 25th anniversary today.

Congratulations on behalf of the whole STAROFIT Team.

Next step!

Next step!

With our latest stock expansion we go one step further in improving our stock of stainless steel elbows and fittings. From now on we keep elbows, tees, reducers and caps with an outside diameter of 14“ and 16“ in our own stock. The available wall thicknesses are S10S, S40S and S80S in material grades WP304/304L as well as WP316/316L.

We are looking forward to receive your enquiries.

Promotion of Nicole Schwane and Michael Uken

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Nicole Schwane and Michael Uken with the granting of power of attorney on January 15, 2024. Both Ms. Schwane and Mr. Uken have been employed by our company for many years. Ms. Schwane ist responsible for managing our Logistics Department and Mr. Uken ist part oft the sales team in our Stainless steel Department. Both employees demonstrate extraordinary commitment in their areas of responsibility and contribute significantly to the success of our company thanks to their extensive specialist knowledge. The promotion shows our appreciation for the excellent work that Mrs. Schwane and Mr. Uken do for our company.

We warmly congratulate you and look forward to futher cooperation!

35 and 20 years at STAROFIT

f.l.t.r. Christian Benedikt, Viktor Ermandraut

Christian Benedikt and Viktor Ermandraut celebrate their 35th and 20th anniversary today.

Congratulations on behalf of the whole STAROFIT Team.

New apprentices

f.l.t.r Kyra, Meiko and Krzysztof

Three new apprentices started their career at STAROFIT today.

We wish them a lot of success for the next three years.

As a family-owned company, sustainability is at the core of our company policy.